Terms & Conditions



·     All labour costs exclude the price of parts / software / components / computers


·     Full payment is due immediately on completion unless otherwise agreed in writing with SR Computers.


·     Where SR Computers have agreed to credit terms, the terms on the invoice must be adhered to. Failure to pay within the credit terms agreed on the invoice may mean SR Computers will use the Late payment of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act 1998, as amended, in order to collect the outstanding amount.


·     The customer agrees that SR Computers can accept user agreement on their behalf, if they are required during the work SR Computers have been brought in to complete.


·     All back up of data stored on the device is the responsibility of the customer. If the customer doesn’t have suitable back up facilities, this service may be offered by SR Computers at an additional charge.


·     In the event of a full system restore / reformat, the customer acknowledges that all the data on the hard drive will be lost. No liability for any monetary or emotional value for any of this data lies with SR Computers.


·     Any parts supplied come with the manufacturer’s warranty only. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure any registration of these parts is completed within the time limit allowed by the manufacturer.


·     The work carried out by SR Computers is guaranteed for 14 days, providing the exact same failure occurs. If the failure is different either in cause or effect this is not covered by this guarantee.



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