Virus Removal and Protection

Protecting yourself and your computer is vital.

Nasties like Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Ransomware and Spyware can all attack an unprotected device.

Been infected? Call 07572 011 184 now

If you think your computer, PC or laptop may have been infected, call us now. We can diagnose and clean up your device, removing viruses and other unwanted malware.

Then we’ll install Bullguard protection to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Want to protect your devices?

We recommend Bullguard Internet security, an award winning security solution for your computer.

Contact us to order your copy – and if you wish, we can install it and set everything up for you.

Why should I choose BullGuard?

BullGuard provides industry-leading protection including anti-virus, firewall and parental controls.

It consistently ranks highly in independent tests with 100% detection rate recently awarded by one independent testing lab and incorporates innovative multi-layered defences that block all forms of malware.

Importantly BullGuard is extremely easy to use thanks to an elegantly simple interface.

 Why pay for anti-virus when I can download for free?

Free antivirus only offers half the protection you get from BullGuard.

Free antivirus software typically provides a bare minimum level of protection.

Free antivirus doesn’t have high virus detection rates compared to BullGuard.

BullGuard Antivirus fuses signature-based protection and behaviour-based protection to provide layered defences which safeguards against all known viruses and newly created malware, otherwise known as zero-day threats.

Free antivirus is also significantly scaled down and lacks the many comprehensive security features that you get with BullGuard.

BullGuard provides FREE 24/7 expert help.

Contact me now to protect your computer and family whilst online.


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