Norton to replace Bullguard

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This month Norton is replacing Bullguard as the security package I sell.

Norton Lifelock have bought Bullguard and therefore their own product is replacing Bullguard. Some of Bullguards strong elements will be incorporated into Norton going forward.

Norton is a well respected, global brand and I feel this is a positive step myself.

As Norton themselves say;

Norton empowers people and families around the world to feel safer in their
digital lives, so you worry less about the darkness of cybercrime. Whether it’s
protection for your devices, online privacy, identity, or everything all-in-one, we
make it easier to keep your digital life safer. Opt-in to Cyber Safety.

Current Bullguard users will be receiving emails later this year with information regarding the change and an invitation to transfer over to Norton. As I understand it, full instructions will be given. However, if you have any queries do not hesitate to get in touch.

There are three packages on offer, AntiVirus Plus, Standard and Deluxe.

You can find out about each version in more details by downloading the data sheets.

Download here.

(Scroll to bottom of page to locate the download buttons)

Back to Normal.

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Photo by <a href="">Mike Petrucci</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a> Back to Normal.

With restrictions easing, and life getting “back to normal” slowly, I thought it about time to put finger to keyboard!

It’s been busy over the last 10 months, as everyone has been using their computers more than usual. I’ve been helping them keep going and run smoothly. I’ve helped and advised people get new computers or upgrade their existing machines.

During this time, I have been taking precautions to keep my customers, and myself, safe. Despite the easing  I have continued to wear a face mask and keep sanitising before each visit. I think it is the right thing to do.

I have had both my vaccinations and have not yet contracted Covid. Hopefully I won’t and maintaining careful practices when working will hopefully see this continue.

Here to help.

As ever I am here to assist and advise on any aspect of your computer needs and use. I can upgrade existing machines where economic to do so. Or I can source and supply new or refurbished machines if not. I can also help you get the most out of your computer by helping you work smarter. This is especially helpful if you have an older or less powerful system.

Be careful.

During the last 18 months scams have been on the increase again. The scammers never go away, and Covid gave them new opportunities to try and hoodwink the general public. The common ones where they pretend to be from Microsoft, Amazon etc have not disappeared. They have just been joined by fake NHS emails, calls and text messages. As ever, if anyone, apart from a trusted friend or IT professional, calls and asks for access to your computer to ‘fix’ an issue DO NOT let them. No one apart from yourself can know what is going on with your computer. If you do get strange messages on your computer, or calls then please contact myself or another professional first to check.

Get in touch.

Please get in touch if you require any of my services in the usual way.

Keep staying safe, let’s get back to normal in the right way.



Merry Xmas

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Xmas greenery







Hello everyone,

This has been a very strange year for all of us. I’m sure everyone will be glad to see the old year out and the new one in. Let’s hope the situation improves for us all, not only here in Stockport, but all over the country and the globe.

I hope you all have a Merry Xmas, as best you can under the circumstances.

Please note I am closing between 24th December 2020 and 4th January 2021.

Wishing you all the best,



Covid-19 precautions- updated.

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Covid 19- what I am doing.

***UPDATE – Mon 20th July : ***

Now that restrictions are being lifted and government guidelines are changing it is now possible for me to visit people to carry out work. I can do remote work where possible and will accept work being dropped off with me. Please telephone first before any action is taken.


To reassure my customers, both old and new, here are my plans to keep running whilst continuing to stay safe and helping to beat this virus.

I am still willing to come out to customers, but will be taking precautions. I have sanisiting wipes for cleaning keyboards etc after working on your computer and will also be wearing disposable gloves to minimise transfer of anything from hand to computer. I would ask customers to keep their distance where practical, by keeping out of the same room.

If you need my services but don’t want a home or office visit, then I am happy for you to bring your computer to me. It can be dropped off in my porch so no actual contact needs to be made.

I can also undertake some work by remote connection if necessary as long as you are running Windows 10.

As most people are still working from home, be aware this will continue to have an impact on remote working software and the internet speed in general. Most Internet Service Providers will have already had contingency plans in place for this. BT have said the extra daytime demand will be no worse than when we all watch Netflix in the evening.

If you have any questions please get in touch by phone or email.


Scam and Hoax calls.

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Photo by Michael Geiger on Unsplash

I thought I would broach the subject of scam calls again this month.


They are still around and seem to be on the increase again.

There are two mains attacks to be aware of at the moment, as follows.



Firstly, and the most common is a scam where the caller pretends to be from Amazon and is calling about your Amazon Prime account. They claim that your payments have lapsed, and your account will be suspended.

Quite often it is a recorded message or computerised voice that you hear. This should be obvious that it is a scam.

Then they try to take payment from you to ‘reactivate’ the account. It is, of course, bogus and under no circumstances should you give them any payment information.

If you do, the scammers will try and take as much as they can from you. One customer of mine was recently a victim and the scammers tried to take nearly £20,000. Luckily, the customer’s bank stopped the transaction as they suspected it was fraudulent.


The other scam calls still doing the rounds are callers pretending to be from your Internet Service Provider, or I.S.P. for short.

They claim to be from B.T., Virgin or whoever your ISP may be. The premise is that they have detected a problem with your service and need access to your computer to ‘fix’ it for you. This is untrue in every case and under no circumstances should you let them have access to your computer.

Once they gain access you have no control of what they do and see. They can then install anything, including malware, key logging software or set up the remote access so they can continue to get access in the future without your knowledge.

Computer message

Another variation on this scam is one that starts on your computer. A message may pop up on your screen saying you have a problem and to call a particular number in order to ‘fix’ it.

This again is a scam, and you should not ever call the number displayed. They will, again, try to persuade you to grant them access to your computer. Usually these messages pop up as a result of a compromised advert on a webpage.


As ever if you have been affected by any of the above scams then please get in touch for assistance and advice as to what to do next.

Contact me

Thank you for reading,



Windows 7 broken?

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Photo by Julia Joppien on UnsplashWindows 7 is broken…….

……or is it?

The question most people are asking about Windows 7 is “Will my computer stop working now it is out of support?”

The simple answer is NO.

But should you still continue to use Windows 7?

The correct answer is also NO.

Even though it will still work and do everything it always did, it no longer receives security updates. As time goes on it will become more vulnerable. Therefore, your online activities become less secure.

Banking, shopping and any other financial activity will become riskier over time. These sites may also stop you logging in to them at some point. This happened to Windows XP and Vista users when their support ended.

When security loopholes and vulnerabilities in Windows are found, they will NOT be fixed in Windows 7 any longer. Windows 8 & 10 will get fixed. Therefore the sensible option is to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Do this before you encounter any problems or get infected with malware or ransomware.

My advice is to upgrade or replace your Windows 7 computer as soon as possible.

Contact me for further information or advice about doing this.

Further information from Microsoft is available here.

Windows 7 end of life page

Looking forward to 2020.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash



Well we are nearly at the end of 2020 already.

Where has the year gone? It seems to have flown by for me.


So what has been the main focus this year?


2019 started off with a flurry of new PC orders during January and February.

That settled down by March onwards, the main focus since has been upgrades to or replacements for Windows 7 machines.

I seem to have done upgrades and new PCs every month since then. We are now only one month away from the end of support date and so there will still be more I’m sure. If you have a Windows 7 computer then please get in touch.

I have also done an increasing number of SSD upgrades too. These are becoming very popular as it is a sure-fire way of speeding up a slowing computer. I enjoy seeing the reactions of customers when they see the upgraded computer start up for the first time.


My drop- in events.

I have also started doing a monthly drop in event for the local community. (Strictly speaking the first was December 2018 but who’s checking!)

It is kindly hosted by a local café owner Dawn, who is a friend, at her café Walkers Retreat. It is aimed at local people to come in and meet me and ask a quick technical question while they grab a coffee and cake at the café.

It was a slow start but now I regularly get people asking when the next one is.


Looking forward to 2020.

I am sure there will be many last minute Windows 7 owners getting in touch in January 2020 for upgrades or new computers.

I’m hoping the drop in events continue to be popular in 2020 too.


Hope you have a great Xmas and all the best for 2020!



Software and OS upgrades

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Operating system

Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash



Software and operating systems are being updated and upgraded all the time.

Android 10 from Google, iOS 13 and MacOS 10.15 from Apple are being released. I thought a few words about upgrading and updating operating systems would be in order.

There are two distinct camps when it comes to this question.

Camp 1:

Upgrade now to get the new shiny look and awesome features!

Camp 2:

Wait a month or two to let all the first people iron out the bugs and instability in the new system.


Camp 1.

Quite a lot of these folk are also the ones who buy new kit when it is launched. They will have new iPhones or new Pixel devices that already come with the new OS from the start. I like to think of them as the guinea pigs and beta testers for the rest of us.

There are always some bugs and issues with new products and new operating systems. Despite what manufacturers tell us nothing is ever perfect straight out of the box.

Despite that most stuff these days does work pretty well when first released.

So, adopting early means you get to try the new features first.


Camp 2

These people are the more cautious type. Their current setup works just fine and they don’t want it messed up. They are happy to wait and see and then upgrade/update a month or two later. This will give time for any problems and bugs to be highlighted and fixed.

When they do eventually upgrade the system will be a more stable version. They should have fewer teething problems with the new software.


Computer OS upgrades.

There is a slightly different approach to this, especially for business users. When new operating systems are released there is always a chance older software may not work as it did. This is especially true of the latest macOS 10.15 release as it no longer supports 32-bit applications. Therefore anyone using 32-bit software will have problems if they upgrade.


A circumspect approach is recommended, especially if you have business critical software. It is essential to ensure your software will work as it did on any new system. The software developer themselves should be able to confirm this. It may mean you have to upgrade the software when you upgrade the operating system.



My opinion is firmly in Camp 2.


It is nice to have the latest apps or features but only if they are problem free.

With software it is always better to wait a while before committing to an upgrade.

However, in some cases if you wait too long your old system may become more vulnerable to attack from malware and cyber-crime.

Finally- upgrading for security reasons is always a must.


As usual, if you have any thoughts or questions please get in touch.

Windows 7

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Windows 7 rolling overWindows 7 will roll over and die in January 2020!

I talked about this last time and earlier in the year.

We are getting closer to the time that Windows 7 will no longer be supported.  So, I thought it worthwhile to go over what’s going to happen, what the likely issues will be and how to make sure you are prepared and know what to do.

What is happening to Windows 7 in January 2020?

As I said previously, January 2020 is the month when Windows 7 will reach its end of support from Microsoft.

This means that Microsoft will no longer release security updates for it. When a bug or vulnerability is found it will no longer be patched or fixed. This will mean those machines will become less secure than they were.

Newer versions of Windows will get patched, Windows 7 will not. Therefore, cyber criminals and hackers will likely try to take advantage of this fact and target the more vulnerable Windows 7 machines.

How will this affect me?

It is likely, as it happened when Windows XP and Vista reached their end of support, the most noticeable effect is that websites you regularly use will no longer allow access from computers running Windows 7.

Sites such as banking, shopping, travel and all those using secure logins and connections will prevent users from logging in from unsecure browsers.

Internet Explorer is one such browser and is integral to Windows 7.  Support for it is also ending in January 2020. Even users of Internet Explorer on Windows 8 & 10 will find they are affected.

There is an easy solution for those users. They can easily switch to using another newer, more secure browser such as Edge, Firefox or Chrome.

Windows 7 users will not have such a quick and easy option as the newer version of those browsers will not be available on to them.


What do I do?

The answer for Windows 7 users is simple. Upgrade your computer to Windows 10 or replace the computer with one running Windows 10.

I’m sure most will opt for a new machine as many computers running Windows 7 are now at least seven or more years old and are nearing the end of their life anyway.

As ever, I can help with the transition, whether you choose to upgrade or replace. If you are unsure, I can provide the necessary information and advice to help make your decision.

My main advice would be to do it sooner rather than later. Prices of new machines are likely to increase as the time draws nearer.

More information can be found here.

Windows 7 end of support.

If you have any questions on any of these topics please get in touch.


Anti-virus, backups and more

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I’m going to touch briefly on a few things this time. Just topics that have cropped up during day to day work that prompted me to get writing. So here are some thoughts on anti-virus, backing up and Windows 7.




Anti-Virus software

You should only have one anti-virus package installed at any time on your computer.  I recently went to a customer who was getting odd messages on his screen.

It turned out to be a second AV program conflicting with his main one, which caused the PC to run slow and the error messages to appear. Removal of the offending software solved the problems immediately.

Neither program was able to do its job properly due to the conflicts.


This topic is a common theme for me. I often meet customers who have no backup or only one inadequate manual backup on a memory stick or such like.

I cannot emphasise enough how important backups are, especially if you are in business. Most people do not recognise the importance until it is too late. By then they have had an incident and lost precious data.

As a minimum you should make a local backup and also an online backup using one of the commercially available solutions. I will write further on this in the future.

Windows 7

I talked about Windows 7 earlier in the year, this is just a reminder.

In January 2020 Windows 7 will reach its end of support from Microsoft.

This means that Microsoft will no longer push out security updates for Windows 7. So, when a bug or vulnerability is found it will no longer be patched or fixed. This will mean Windows 7 machines will become less secure. Users with such machines should upgrade to Windows 10 by either buying a new machine or upgrading their old one.

More information can be found here.

As ever, if you have any questions on any of these topics please get in touch.


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